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A Dedicated Educator

Gwen Cox graduated from Oklahoma State University with a degree in Interpreting. Gwen also taught clay art classes at the Fine Arts Institute in Edmond specializing in children with challenges. She taught there for several years along with her duties as an Interpreter.  One of the art class parents approached her about teaching families how to communicate using ASL signs. She had never heard of teaching hearing families to learn ASL, but after a lot of research, she found that it was a trend that was gaining popularity with strong research behind it. Again, she added another path for her skills. Classes were booked and it wasn’t long before the newspaper got wind of how successful her classes were that they sent a reporter to do a story. The next day a large front page photo and story appeared about how Gwen was teaching families, especially those families with special needs, how to communicate using ASL signs. The AP story reached as far as Seattle, Washington where a company that was producing ASL products for hearing contacted her and began the process of hiring her as the new Network Director to start a Network of teachers all over the country that wanted to teach ASL signs to hearing children as a way to increase learning skills and comprehension. She taught and presented all over North America, and trained over 900 teachers. Traveling back and forth to different cities every 3 or 4 weeks was exciting in the beginning, but her true love was teaching families in Oklahoma. When Rachel Coleman of Signing Time found out that she might be available, she contacted Gwen and they flew her to Salt Lake City for an Interview to head up a new Academy for Signing Time. After several years of traveling, teaching over 1,000 teachers all over the world, and presenting for Signing Time, she knew where she wanted to go, and that was back to Oklahoma City to teach. Gwen now teaches live, interactive online courses to children and adults of all ages and abilities, as well as recorded classes that children can watch when schools are not in session. She also reaches children at several public schools and is expanding her skills with new products coming soon! She loves finally being back home and teaching families to find success through communication with sign.

Our Classes

Every class is first rate and uses traditional as well as interactive learning styles which are incorporated into each learning experience.

Curriculum is created and adjusted and tailored for each class or individual. No two children learn the same and the curriculum is flexible enough to adjust to their ability to learn, which produces successful results.

With a variety of choices, you or your child can find a way to begin the fun journey of learning American Sign Language.

Our Mission

Your success is our top priority and goal. No matter what the age or ability, we want this learning experience to be one that you get excited about.  Our classes will meet the needs for communication and as an added benefit increase cognitive and learning skills. We place a high value on all of our students and enjoy watching them develop self- pride in learning a new language. 

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